Hot Sweaty Muscle Boy Basilisk Shows Off Sweaty Feet


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As the Basilisk arrives home he is excited to share with you that he has just finished a big sweaty leg workout.

In a light coloured pair of tights and his soaking wet boxers, he is fast to reveal just how hard he has been working out. Two patches of sweat on his crotch and a huge wet patch all over his beefy cake, there is no denying he has been pushing some heavy weight.

The Basilisks glutes are so pumped he bounces them right in your face by a simple flex. Before long, you will find yourself up close and personal with The Basilisks sweaty pits, feet and perfect pecs. Don’t worry, The Basilisks doesn’t shy away from demonstrating just how perfect his pecs are by seducing you. Pinching and pulling on his nipples, squirting oil and rubbing it all in. He really doesn’t miss anything in this 15-minute video.

To finish, the basilisk takes a seat after a hard dominating session with you. Showing you his full, heavy, low hanging sack that is ready to be emptied.

You will enjoy every second of this video. The Basilisk never fails to provide you with the best…

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